The Edisons Media Masters is an independent media collective offering high quality services in the areas of video production, graphic design, web design, graphic recording and event planning. Our work is driven by a flexible duality between the artistic and the corporate. The nature of our expertise blurs the lines between artistic and corporate projects providing our clients with products that stand out for their creative and professional execution.

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We are an evolving and open group of entrepreneurs devoted to using digital media to leave a positive footprint in souls of those who come in touch with the work we do.

Our practices are driven by the highest standards of production, and our mission is deliver productions that reflect those standards.

Our goal is to provide our clients with services that not only make unique and substantial impressions, but that serve to fulfill our clients’ own visions.



Edison Dueñas – A professional in Media Arts who has previously worked in different local community arts initiatives as media arts executive.

Edison Osorio – An OCAD University graduate and Master of Teaching from OISE who has worked as curator, writer, producer and education facilitator for the last 4 years.

Julian Bustos – A professional in Entertainment Management who has worked as artist manager in the local music scene of Toronto for over 3 years.


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