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Other than a historical masterpiece, can you think of a piece of art that has had you thinking about its qualities and implications for days after you’ve seen it? I personally find that type of experience to be rare.

The focus of this post is an art piece which I came across a few weeks ago but has since installed itself in my brain to make me analyze what it is set out to do. And, why am I still thinking about it?

The reason is because this piece reminds me of unusual but otherwise promising pairs; like say, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, or a piece pineapple right off of the grill and a slice of Swiss cheese, or a job in the arts and a decent salary.

“Polder Cup”, is a participatory artwork by Maider López, and the delightful combination in it is of two of my greatest passions, namely soccer, and art!

"Polder Cup" Call for Participants, 2010

“Polder Cup” Call for Participants, 2010


In a nutshell, “Polder Cup” (2010), is a soccer tournament set on four soccer fields distinctly positioned by the artist in the midsts of a Dutch polder. Dikes cut at seemingly random sections across the pitch, forcing players to reinvent traditional tactics and techniques as they defend or attack.


Other than my fascination with the combination of art and soccer, I found this artwork meaningful because it’s a constant reminder that a lot of cool art has been produced all over the the world in the last several years that I still don’t know anything about. I find that prospect truly exciting and look forward to discover more of it!


What artworks from the last ten years have had a strong impact on you but still remain obscure in the eyes of the world?

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Edison Osorio

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