The Magic of Threes

Thinking about triangles, brings to mind a relationship of threes. Three sides, three points, three perspectives – full of vertices, rotations, and transitional areas. But in my opinion, a triangle is all about drama. Drama that happens with so much intensity that it creates magic. That’s power of Three!

A First Time for Everything

Titled “A First Time for Everything”, this curatorial project took place at XPACE Cultural Centre in 2011. The premise of this show provided an opportunity for its ten featured artists to exhibit artworks related to a first-time experience.

Documenting Urban Art in the Making

Logan Miller and Vivian Astudillo are Toronto-based graffiti artists and this video showcases a collective project they executed in the summer or 2012.

Wisdom2Action: Ottawa Conference

Our second opportunity working alongside with the CYCC Network, this video clip shows the production standards that we aim to achieve in every production. In the other hand, we at The Edisons feel very fortunate to be part of the critical role that institutions like the CYCC Network play in our society.

“Disable the Label” Youth Conference

The New Mentality held its annual ‘Disable the Label’ leadership training retreat this past July, 2013 at YMCA Geneva Park in Orillia, Ontario. This events expands over the duration of three days.