Mélange à trois: Brothers & Sisters, IMUR, The Lay Awakes

Mélange à trois. I know what you are thinking… just an ’N’ instead of an ‘L’ and we would be well on our way to a whole new conversation. In this 3 month series we feature 3 very different bands every 3rd of the month, and ask them 3 simple questions. I think you’re beginning to see the pattern right? Hence the name Mélange à trois: a mix of three.


Led and fronted by real life siblings, Conor McCarthy(guitar) and Hannah McCarthy (vocals), Brothers and Sisters is a band from Philadelphia with a timeless and definitive sound that any classic counter-culture music lover would approve of.

Brother & Sisters

How would you describe your music?
Brothers & Sisters is an indie-blues group led by powerhouse female vocals, soaring lead guitar, and a punchy, precise rhythm section. Our music strives to bring our listeners together and provide an environment built on equality and love. We combine influences from rock, blues, RnB and soul, mixed with an indie-rock twist to create a sound that is equally vintage and fresh.
What was the inspiration behind ‘Dirty Love’?
‘Dirty Love’ is about being in a relationship where the physical connection overshadows the emotional one, and how that can be really disheartening and frustrating. The line “Your only soul is underneath the covers”, in verse two, epitomizes this feeling – you want a partner who will show their emotion on many levels, not just in the bedroom. By the time we reach the chorus, the narrator is fed up and has decided it’s no longer worth it. “Dirty Love why don’t you leave me alone, I need a place that I can call home…I don’t need you and your Dirty Love”.
What has Brothers & Sisters been up to and where can new fans find you?

Brothers & Sisters released our first full length album, ‘From Earth’ this past November. In summer 2016, we will embark on our From Earth Tour in support of the new album! We will be in NYC, New Jersey, Providence, Boston, New Hampshire, Portland Maine, Burlington VT, and of course our hometown, Philadelphia, PA. We are adding more dates to this every week, it’s gonna be a hell of a tour! You can visit our website to see the currently posted tour dates, hear our music and find more information: www.brothersandsistersmusic.com. You can also follow us for updates at www.facebook.com/brothersandsistersmusic.

I M U R stands for ‘I am you are’. Made up of Mikey J Blige (DJ/Producer) and Jenny Lea (Singer/Songwriter), I AM (sure) YOU ARE …going to want much more from this Vancouver duo with their sensual soundscapes that are both delicate and intoxicating.


How would you describe your music?
Our sound is heavily influenced by the local Vancouver beat scene, 90’s hip-hop/r&b, soul, and progressive pop. Artists like Potatohead People, Pomo, and Ekali are in high rotation. They keep us motivated, and we’re lucky enough to be able to work with them. Astrological of PP was a huge influence on Mikey’s start in hip hop production and is now co-producing I M U R’s debut LP, “Little Death”, to be released this Summer.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Bumps’?
‘Bumps’ is based on a jazzy thought and a dark dream. Originally the beat was created to play out at a DJ set Mikey had, opening for XXYYXX at M.I.A here in Vancouver.  Jenny was inspired by the seemingly smooth yet bumpy track, and how it related to current events in her own life.  After adding lyrics, the track really came into its own.
What has I M U R been up to and where can new fans find you?

We are currently working on finishing our debut LP and producing our first music video.  We will be touring BC and Alberta in July and dates will be announced soon at http://www.imurmusic.com/.  Our music is on all outlets, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and most up to date: Soundcloud.


Anna Paddock and Patrick Anderson form a solid songwriting partnership that is The Lay Awakes. This husband and wife team offer a sound that is poignant, sincere and beautiful in its simplicity

The Lay Awakes
How would you describe your music?
The EP is on the intimate, darker side for singer-songwriters, but there are a few bigger pop moments as well.  It can get a little folky when we play live as a duo.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Ready To Be My Man?
I (Patrick) was thinking about Anna after she made her solo album.  Her vulnerability struck me as beautiful and demanding.

What has The Lay Awakes been up to and where can new fans find you?
You can find us at thelayawakes.com.  We shot a video for “Hush” recently which will be out soon. Our next show in the area is May 6th in Elora, ON.  It’s a fundraiser for The Stephen Lewis Foundation.

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