Mélange à Trois (June 3rd) : Victorial Canal, The Po’ Brothers, The Feral Folk

3 bands, 3 styles, 3 questions, every 3rd of the month for 3 months. Welcome to June’s instalment of Mélange à Trois!

Victoria Canal

If you hear Victoria playing piano you would never imagine that she was born without her right forearm which was caused by an amniotic band syndrome. Only 17, this soulful songwriter’s music is sincere and effortless, and her delivery is simply arresting.

Victoria Canal

How would you describe your music and sound?
Someone told me one time that they thought my music could be described as “emotional pop with bags of soul.” I’d say that’s pretty accurate.
What was the inspiration behind the song ‘Not Afraid’?
‘Not Afraid’ is a love letter I wish had been written to me, by the guy who broke my heart. So I wrote it to him instead.
What are you working on now and where can people find you and your music?
I’m working on another single right now and am co-writing constantly for other friends and artists. I just moved to Amsterdam and am taking a short break from touring but will hopefully be back on the road this year. You can find my music at victoriacanal.com or on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and youtube under the same name!



The Po’ Brothers

For a band called The Po’ Brothers, they’ve certainly got musical riches worth discovering. This band from Seattle play what they describe as ‘gnarly leg jerking rock’ with a kind of grit and authenticity that draws from that classic Seattle sound.

The Po Brothers

How would you describe your music and sound?

Funk, blues, alternative rock.

What was the inspiration behind the song ‘Put You through This’?‘Put You through This’ lyrically came after the riff. I was in a lonely mindset when I made the music to it. And the words kind of fit the melancholy chord progression of the song.

What are you working on now and where can people find you and your music?
You can find our music on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or look us up on YouTube and at Pobrothers.com



The Feral Folk

Delicate and raw, poignant yet defiant, this is The Feral folk with their own brand of Americana-Alternative music.

 abi grace and the feral folk

How would you describe your music and sound?
I grew up with my feet in two different worlds. I love the poetry and
the emotional honesty of singer songwriters, but I’ve got a not-so-secret
inner goth girl who loves grunge and industrial music. I (Abi) played in
the solo scene for years before I could finally get a band together, and
when I did I knew I wanted the band to sound unique, not just a backing
band for my solo stuff. Our producer coined the term Goth-Folk; I call us
Alt-Folk. In reality we are a blend of the smart lyrics and vocally lead
melodies I love in folk music with all the raw emotional sex appeal I love
in alternative rock.

What was the inspiration behind the song ‘Sharp Teeth’?
Sharp Teeth originally came along because I wanted to write something
sexy. I had all of these references to wolves and the wilderness and wild
things in other songs and I thought Sharp Teeth would tie in nicely.  Like
most songs,though, the more I’ve played it and re-written it the
inspiration and motivation has changed. What started out as just as just a
sexy song has really turned into the a celebration of creativity and it’s
ability to convert hard live experiances into something beautiful.

What are you working on now and where can people find you and your music?
Right now is a very exciting time in our band. We’ve got a full-length
album coming out sometime this summer, we’re working on a music video for
sharp teeth which will also hopefully come out this summer, and we’re
considering a fall tour around the American Pacific Northwest and perhaps
beyond, depending on our funding. For those interested in following us to
see where we go next, my Facebook music page is
Facebook.com/theferalfolkmusic. I also update our website,
foxandphoenixrecords.com regularly, and am on Twitter as @theferalfolk.

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